Pawprints: Maybe I should go find a pegasus to help me…

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Pawprints: Maybe I should go find a pegasus to help me…

Pawprints:…I have a feeling this flying thing’s gonna take a while.



Thinking about going back to the mlp style marshmallowy hooves since their easier to draw in different poses. But the horsey hooves gives a more unique look. Is there anybody that really prefers the hooves one way or the other?

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The more pillows the better!

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askbreejetpaw has the softest pillows ever!

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((That should be it for all the flashback/backstory stuff so hopefully that will also be an end to these super long two part posts.

Just wanted to thank you guys/gals for sticking around for over a month of basically nothing. And thought I’d let you know Everfree (the glowy eyed pony), isn’t gonna hang around for too long so now’s the best time to ask her stuff.

Also I did a guest update for The Trotting Dead so go check that out! And for anybody interested they are looking for a new permanent artist. ))